Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality and Consulate General of the Kingdom of the Netherlands in Istanbul

engagement: we target about 100 participants [local experts and residents] through 4 play sessions

application period: March - June 2021

scale: district of Beyoglu

Tangible goals for Beyoglu

Planning Department of Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality is in the process of preparing the Beyoğlu Strategic Plan adopting an integral and participatory planning approach. A wide range of parties are joining the table, from civil organisations to local people, from relevant public institutions to Beyoğlu users. Various topics related to Beyoğlu are addressed and solutions are proposed to these commonly addressed challenges with a “collective mind”. The Strategic Plan focuses on six major sub-themes Liveability, Productivity, Creativity, Heritage, Resilience and Social and Economic Fairness.

During this process, Play the City has been invited to facilitate technical and local experts to address the Climate Change related topics in Beyoğlu. Beyoğlu application of the Climate Game, Climate Adaptive Beyoğlu, will cover for the first time the urban district scale, where approximately 400.000 people live. The game will bring a diverse set of parties together and. outcomes of the game will feed into the Resilience chapter of the Beyoğlu Strategic Plan. Four play sessions [covering different geographical zones] have been foreseen to address the entire district  with their unique challenges. 1. Beyoğlu waterfront 2. Beyoğlu historic preservation zone 3. Beyoğlu residential zone 4. Entire Beyoğlu.