Where do we get our energy from? 

How do we heat our homes? 

How do we deal with climate change?

Climate Game supports decision-making with residents.

Climate Game


The climate game data can be localized to a particular neighborhood.  



The game process involves various networks in a neighbourhood and supports official decision making.


How does it work 

Players are residents, [energy, housing] companies, municipality and experts. 
They develop a joint integral climate plan through game rounds. Over a number of play sessions, participants build future climate scenarios based on action cards and 3d printed pieces. Game pieces are visual translations of well-founded research. Climate Game is part of Network of Games project and contains connected external datasets and models: 


Game Components 

The Climate Game proposes a hybrid process with analog and digital games. 
Analogue game has components with local GIS data, universal technical solutions that can be applied locally. The digital game comes in an accessible poll format with digitized elements of the analog game. Both formats reach different audiences and include them in building a collective transition narrative for the future.


Game Users


About us

Political leaders, policymakers and companies worldwide create visions and policies to deal with climate change: European countries decide to switch to green energy sources and the Netherlands wants to say goodbye to natural gas as an energy source by 2050 at the latest. These decisions have a direct influence on how we will live in the future. Visualising social and spatial changes awaiting us is crucial here. 

The Climate Game is a method for developing tangible climate plans with various stakeholders. In this way citizens understand better what abstract top-down decisions will mean for their living environment. They can choose to become part of the change or propose their alternatives. The game has initially been developed with 02025, Bright and Space&Matter

The game has been used as a basis for [heat] implementation plans in Amsterdam. The IABR has adopted the game to increase citizen awareness in Bospolder Tussendijken [Rotterdam]. In Ooltgensplaat [Goeree Overflakkee], could citizens sketch climate plans together. In Kadikoy’s Gazhane [Istanbul] the game has been set to define investment projects supporting this first climate neutral neighbourhood of the city.


Klimaatspel is an initiative of Play the City, an Amsterdam based serious gaming agency leading the way in applying games to complex, multiplayer city challenges. Play the City acts as a global practice that supports public and private parties on spatial development processes through city gaming.
If you think it is time for collective climate local plans for your neighbourhood or village, please contact us info@playthecity.eu
You can also reach us at
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